A healthy coat is a healthy cat

Popular “alley cats” are most often dark grey or black, sometimes black and white. However, in Polish homes, more and more often, we can come across cats of other breeds and their colours may have unlimited variants. Also the length of hair may be different, there are cats without coat at all, the so-called sphinxes, short-haired cats – the so-called rexes, cats with medium length hair – for example our European cats and long-haired cats such as Persians. If you want your cat to have nice fur, you need to take proper care of it.


Unfortunately, it is only the sphinxes that do not shed. That does not mean, however, that they are perfect for allergists (one needs to remember that it is both cat’s epidermis and saliva that cause allergy). The other cats, especially the ones kept in flats, usually undergo shedding all year long and you have to come to terms with it. There are, however, ways to make the process of shedding less cumbersome. One of them is combing the coat, thanks to which instead of on our sofas or clothes, the hair ends up on a comb or, preferably, on a special brush or furminator.

Healthy skin

Cat’s hair will never be nice if a cat has skin problems. If you cat suffers from dandruff, baldness, coat thinning, spots, redness or if your animal scratches or licks itself intensely, a visit at the vet’s is necessary. Our pets may not only have fleas but also allergic skin inflammation or other skin problems.

Beautiful fur

If you want your cat to have beautiful and soft fur, nutrition is of utmost importance. A proper diet, rich in omega acids, zinc and biotine is necessary. Especially fatty acids have a positive effect on hair cover and skin, make it moistened and shorten the time of hair exchange.

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