Nutrition is key

For cats kept at home, food becomes their biggest passion. Especially for those surgically deprived of other pleasures – sterilized female cats and castrated tomcats.

The problem of cat obesity becomes more and more serious but is often downgraded. Many cat owners like their sweet fatties, they want to do give them the world, and never refuse to give them second helpings. It is a wrong strategy, though. Such owners want the best for their pets, but they contribute to problems such as diabetes, pancreas or urine bladder inflammation.

It is true that after sterilization appetite is bigger. Also, when the living space in a flat is small and dull, food becomes the meaning of a cat’s life. And this is the owner that is responsible for his or her cat’s weight. At times, this is not an easy task. Anyone who tried to make a cat slimmer knows how persistent and stubborn this animal can be. Therefore, as always, prevention is better than cure.

Food should be well-balanced, suitable for age and administered in proper amounts. You need to remember that also the administration of feeds for castrated tomcats and sterilized female cats or ‘light’ feeds in large amounts cause weight increase.

Similarly as in the case of humans, keeping proper weight may be achieved not only by proper nutrition but also by physical activity. It is a commonly neglected issue in case of cats kept in flats. Not many people know that freely living cats may patrol and defend the area of a few hectares (record breaker: 28 hectares). A two- or three bedroom flat, in which a cat is on its own for most of the day and can play with its owner for a couple of minutes is definitely too little. Cats should run after toys, hide and climb.

Supplements which may safely aid in cat’s body weight control might be a good solution.

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