Revettia HAIR

  1. Strengthens hair
  2. Helps to reduce the build-up of hairballs

Revettia hair is recommended for cats with excessive hair loss or extended shedding period. The paste is helps to keep cat’s hair shiny and thick and promotes healthy skin – it prevents drying-up and peeling.

Additionally, the paste helps to reduce the build-up of hairballs and prevents accumulation of hair deposits in the digestive tract.

  • Common horsetail extract – helps to keep the fur and skin in a good condition.
  • Methionine – Promotes fur condition. Lack of methonine can cause peeling of skin and breaking of hair.
  • Threonine – has significant impact on production of many proteins, thank to which it benefits skin condition


Feeding: 5 cm of paste per day. Feed to mouth or mixed with food.


Composition: Glycerin, plant processing products (common horsetail extract 15,000 mg/kg), meat and animal products, yeast.
Nutritional additives: L-threonine 7,507 mg/kg, L-methionine 7,507 mg/kg
Technological additives: anticaking agent: colloidal silica (E551b), emulsifying agent: glyceryl polyethyleneglycol ricinoleate (E484), antioxidants and preservatives
Analytical constituents: raw protein 4.2 %, raw fibre 0.2 %, raw oils and fats 0.9%, inorganic matter 7.1%.