A few valuable tips how to give a pill to a dog

Sometimes giving a pill to a dog is difficult and stressful both for an owner and for an animal itself. Below you can find a few tips which will make it easier to administer drugs.

Most important rule: never call a dog to come to you for a pill and each time stay calm and try to limit general commotion at home.

  • Tip no 1. Crush a pill between two spoons and sprinkle the powder on the favourite feed.
  • Tip no 2. Divide a favourite titbit into pieces (e.g. some terrine, a sausage). Put a pill inside one piece and form a small ball. A pill smuggled in this way may be administered to a dog also while giving playful commands. You can try with a cottage cheese or a ball made of processed cheese if the dog likes it and there are no contraindications for consumption.
  • Tip no 3. You can add a pocket made of a piece of meat or cold meat (such as bacon) to a dog’s feed.
  • Tip no 4. Place a pill on a spoon, poor water so that nothing spills. Use a tip of knife to crush the pill until suspension. Then one person should hold a dog’s muzzle and the other calmly pours the suspension inside.
  • Tip no 5. You open a dog’s muzzle. If it does not want to open, press the jaw gently from both sides in the place where it is mounted. You place a pill as deep as possible, ideally behind teeth beside the tongue, so that the dog swallows it immediately. You shut a dog’s muzzle; you may also hold it shut for a moment, gently massage the throat down and wait until the pill is swallowed. If the pill is exceptionally unpalatable, you may immediately offer the dog something delicious, e.g. a piece of a sausage or meat to make sure that the dog will not spit medicine.

This method should be applied if a drug cannot be administered with food.

  • Tip no 6. Deworming pills must not be crushed. They must be administered in whole on an empty stomach or else their effect is weaker. An hour after administration a dog should be fed.
  • Tip no 7. Always have something tasty at hand to give it to a dog as a reward. Give and praise. It will reduce dog’s stress.

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