A walk with a dog. Pleasure or duty?

One of basic duties of dog owners is everyday walks. Their main purpose is to let the dog satisfy its physiological needs. But a walk is also pleasure for a dog, giving it possibility to keep fit and vigorous.

Many people are truly unable to take their pets for regular walks. You often wonder how many times you should take a dog for a walk. Unfortunately, there is no explicit answer to this question. Like in the case of humans, a number of walks depends on individual needs.

Adult dogs are thought to be satisfied with 4 walks a day. You may not strictly follow this rule. A dog may demand to be taken for a walk out of determined hours, which means that you have to take it for a walk immediately. It is necessary to talk a dog for a walk before night and in the morning, right after waking up. Other occasions for walks “are used” during the day. Obviously, in certain situations regularity cannot by preserved. Then you should make sure that a close person can take a dog out.

If you have a puppy, you need to take it for a walk much more often. Puppies must learn how to satisfy their needs outside; therefore a number of walks in their case should be much greater than in case of older dogs. However, as soon as a dog understands that it should relieve itself outside, it will learn to ask for a walk. Of course its request should be responded to.

It is recommended that at least one walk during the day should be longer. Although there are no rules saying that a short walk should last for 15 minutes and a long one – for over an hour. It is important for a dog not only to relieve itself during a walk, but also to get a proper amount of physical activity. Jogtrot with a medium-sized dog is not a bad idea.

Young dogs should have opportunity to meet other dogs during walks. It positively influences their socialization process. If a young dog has had a contact with different dogs (small and big ones), there is high probability that it will not be aggressive towards other dogs, nor will it be too afraid of them.

Remember that a dog, like a human being, dehydrates during physical exercises. When you take a dog for a longer walk, take water with you as well.

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