Get ready for a journey

You like taking your dog for weekend trips or holidays. Planning such a trip, you should remember that a journey should be safe both to you and to your four-legged friend. It is important to provide appropriate travel conditions and proper feeding before and during a journey.

Two key issues are taking care of your dog’s health and preparing all necessary accessories for the time of journey and stay in the new place. The better you prepare the dog for a journey, the calmer the journey and the better and more pleasant and the time spent together.

It is worth checking dog’s health a few weeks before a planned journey. See if vaccinations are adequate, check deworming, and make sure if a dog is healthy and well. If you know that a dog cannot handle travelling e.g. by car (it vomits, has diarrhoea or other symptoms of so-called motion sickness), you should buy a product preventing these symptoms. Thanks to that your dog will not suffer from nausea and will be calmer.

You should also remember that from spring to late autumn, places abundant in a lot of trees and flowers are inhabited by ticks. That is why you should protect your dog against ticks’ invasion.

Preferably, a couple of days before a planned journey make a list of necessary items. It will significantly facilitate packing up and let you avoid mess. Such a list should include:

  • Identification tag (so-called collar badge) – you should write a dog’s address and owner’s telephone, if a dog gets lost, it will be very helpful.
  • Bowls – one for feed, the other one for water (the latter should be kept on top in order to water a dog during a journey.
  • Food – feed which you currently give to your pet, do not introduce newones during holidays, since it may lead to gastric disorders.
  • A collar and lead/harness.
  • A muzzle – in some places you will have to muzzle your dog.
  • A bed- a dog will not experience the change of location too much.
  • Transporter/Container/Cage – it is a safe method of moving animals around.

Cleaning accessories – proper bags and shovel for cleaning dog waste.

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