How much water should your dog drink?

It is important and necessary to watch how much water your dog drinks during a day. In this way you can monitor its health state. An average dog should drink from 14 to 28 ml of water daily per a kilogram of body weight. For example, if a dog weighs ca. 20 kg, it should drink 560 ml, so a little more than half a litre.

However, there are criteria which will help you verify and match an appropriate amount of water drunk daily. They are as follows:

  • The amount of water depends on a kind of food. There is quite a lot of water in ready-made feeds, so an animal will not drink so much. If a dog is fed with dry feed, it needs much more water and can drink even twice as much.
  • Dog’s thirst is influenced by the amount of sodium in food (yet, sodium should be avoided). No wonder that a dog which has eaten a sausage will pounce on a bowl of water.
  • Puppies should drink a little but frequently. Sometimes they need to be reminded about it, as they are occupied with play and may forget about drinking. On average a few-week-old puppy should drink ca. half a glass of water every two hours. Of course it depends on its size.
  • Like puppies, elderly dogs should also drink frequently, yet they are usually able to monitor their bodily needs.
  • On hot days dogs get thirstier, like we do after all. In the winter an animal may also drink a little bit more when temperature inside and outside differs a lot.
    Water intake is also influenced by physical exercise. A tired dog is a thirsty dog. If you go for a longer walk or to a training session, you should take a bottle of water and a bowl. Make sure that a dog does not pounce on a bowl of water right after coming home, but supplement its loss gradually, in small amounts, but frequently. Such way of conduct will prevent possible swelling.

Rule no 1 – your dog should always have permanent access to water. It must be fresh, changed at least once a day.

Check if your dog is not dehydrated.

Method no 1 – hold your dog’s skin on the back, stretch a little and let go. If it retracts immediately, everything is fine. If it remains in the shape of a tent for a little bit longer, it is not good.

Method no 2 – A properly hydrated dog has wet and smooth gums. A dehydrated pet’s gums are has sticky and rough.

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