Revettia SENIOR

Revettia Senior pills are for older dogs with their specific age-related nutrition needs. The product contains ginseng root extract which helps to keep vitality and supports circulatory system. Amino acids contained in the product aid in keeping the joints healthy and enhance the healthy look of the coat.

Regular use of the product helps to keep the mature dog’s organism healthy.

  • Treonine has a key significance in production of many proteins, including collagen and elastine and, therefore, has a favourable effect on the condition of joints, ligaments, muscles and skin.
  • Metionine amino acid necessary for protein synthesis, enhances the healthy look of the coat.
  • Ginseng root enhances immune and circulatory systems. It also helps to retain vitality.


Fodder mixture supplement for dogs
Dosage: 1 pill for 10 kg of animal body weight per day. May be administered prandially. I the daily dosage can be up to a few pills, they may be administered 2 or 3 times a day. Recommended for dogs over 7 years of age.
Package: 30 pills


magnesium stearate, maltodextrine, dextrose. Nutritional additives: L-treonine 5 mg. Sensory additives: L-metionine 10 mg; aromatic substances mixture (bacon flavour); ginseng root extract 5 mg (corresponding to 20 mg of the product). Technological additives microcrystalline cellulose, colloidal silica; acetic acid, hydrolysed starch. Analytic ingredients: raw protein 1,3%, raw fibre 51,4%, raw fats and oils 0,9%, inorganic matter 0,86%.